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Cryotherapy is a procedure for the removal of skin imperfections using nitrous oxide freezing. This is a safe and quick solution for removing lesions such as benign sun spots, pre-checked moles, freckles, and skin tags that can appear on our skin as we age.

Cryopen uses a very high precision applicator tip, ensuring safe targeted treatment of just the lesion, without damaging skin tissue surrounding it.

This helps to greatly reduce the risk of post-treatment hypo-pigmentation and makes it safe and effective for use on the face. This also ensures the treatment is relatively painless and comfortable, as you won't have the healthy surrounding skin affected.

Cryotherapy works by using a thin jet of extreme cold (nitrous oxide) from a pen-like device to freeze and destroy lesions. The inter-cellular fluid is frozen, forming ice crystals, which subsequently destroy the cell. Depending on the size of the lesion, this will sometimes create a scab or crust which will fall off within a week or two.

You may feel a bit of stinging while the lesion is frozen, depending on how thin or close to your skin it is, but this will just be for a few seconds. It may also be a bit sensitive for half an hour or so after the treatment. It's best to keep the area uncovered rather than use a plaster, and it should heal within a week or two. Some larger lesions may require two or three treatments.

Note: If you're getting moles of any type treated or lesions that look dark in colour, it's important you get these pre-checked by a doctor.

Price Indication

Lesion 1 $40.00
Lesion 2 $50.00
Lesion 3 $60.00
Lesion 4 $70.00
Lesion 5-10 $99.00

Treatment Time

10 to 30 minutes

Recovery Time


Recommended Treatment Frequency

Usually 1 session, but some lesions may need 2 or 3 treatments.

Duration of Results